Eos I

Eos 1 Patch

Immersive term Atmospheric Science and Engineering weather balloon project 2019

As part of The Bay School's new immersive program, "atmospheric science and engineering" students take a three-week course in which they refine their understanding of Earth's atmosphere experimentally, designing and releasing balloon payloads to record data about different characteristics of the atmosphere. Eos I consisted of a fleet of three weather balloons that flew from the Bay Area to the Central Valley on the morning of June 7, 2019.



Flight paths of our three balloons over central California

Eos I Midnight floating past the Golden Gate, as seen by the Dusk team balloon

Downtown San Francisco from 11,538 feet with Midnight and Dawn balloons over Alcatraz

360° video of the first 75 minutes of Midnight's flight

Alameda, Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco Bay from 18,684 feet

22ยบ halo, lower tangent arc, and subsun seen in cirrostratus clouds from 27,603 feet

Midnight balloon floating out the top of the cirrostratus cloud layer with individual ice particles visible. Taken from 35,225 feet; other balloon is 255 feet higher.

From 103,769 feet, both Midnight and Dusk balloons were clearly visible 2.5 miles away from Dawn as they rose to burst altitude east of Manteca

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